Lisa Nandy admits ‘Labour Party deserves to DIE’ in brutal assessment of election failure


Swot leadership candidate Lisa Nandy argued the Labour Party is “in evacuation” and needs to change its course if it hopes to take power in Government. While say at a rally in Wigan, Ms Nandy argued now was not the time for the party to play it permissible. She added the Labour Party “deserves to die” if it refuses to change from its prior to course.

During her speech, the MP also reflected on the “devastating” election incompetent in December and how she believes she is the right candidate to turn it around for the party.

She suggested: “After this bruising few years in the Labour movement and after what was a rattling, devastating electoral defeat in which we lost good friends and confreres who deserved so much better.

“People around the country lost compelling Labour MPs and they deserved so much better, I say to you that despite all of that, now is not the everything to steady the ship and play it safe.

“Because if we do not change course a Troubled movement we will die and we will deserve to.

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“So now is the moment to up our game and recover our sense of ambition.

“Now is the moment when I am apply to you to take the brave, not the easy choice in this leadership contest.

“We’re a flow that has always pointed north, south, east and west.

“But we secure to be honest that at this critical moment in our nation’s history, the Chore Party is in retreat.

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