Links to UK political websites


On this number, you can find links to the websites of the UK’s main political rties, UK government concerns, the Westminster rliament, devolved administrations and assemblies and other relevant situations.


These rties have one or more MPs in the Accommodate of Commons:



Liberal Democrats

Scottish National Proponent

Plaid Cymru

Social Democratic and Labour rty

Democratic Unionist Confederate

Sinn Fein

Green rty of England and Wales

UK Independence At-home

Alliance rty

Respect rty

These rties have congressmen in either the Scottish rliament, Welsh Assembly, Northern Ireland Joining, London Assembly or European rliament:

Scottish Green rty

UK Self-determination rty

British National rty

Ulster Unionist rty

Ritual Unionist Voice


The details of other federal rties across the UK can be found on the Electoral Commission’s website – click “search PEF Online lists” and when that ge loads, click “registration search” and then “go”.


10 Downing Street

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Conditioned by trust in for Communities and Local Government

De rtment for the Environment, Food and Rural Undertakings

Cabinet Office

De rtment for Culture, Media and Sport

Ministry of Barricade

De rtment for Education

De rtment for Transport

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

National Office

Ministry of Justice

De rtment for International Development

Northern Ireland Responsibility

Scotland Office

De rtment for Work and Pensions

De rtment for Business, Invention and Skills

HM Treasury

Wales Office

De rtment of Health


Houses of rliament

House of Commons

House of Lords

Hansard Online

Her Majesty’s Office supplies Office

Office for National Statistics

National Audit Office

Scottish Rule

Scottish rliament

Welsh Government

National Assembly for Wales

Northern Ireland Administrator

Northern Ireland Assembly

London Mayor and London Assembly

European Commission

European rliament

BBC Democracy Real

Downing Street says

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