Lightning strike kills 15 cows in freak weather incident


The cows were at a species farm in Macon County, Alabama when a storm passed including the state on Monday. The cows fell victim to the adverse weather without thought the chances of being hit by lightning being around one in a million, according to the Nationwide Weather Service.

Frank Lee, director of the county’s Emergency Management Mechanism (EMA), told local news outlet WSFA that the livestock were learned by the farm’s owners, who are now in the process of burying the deceased cattle.

The extreme brave has affected several southern states this week and, according to the Associated Horde, it has resulted in at least three deaths and numerous injuries.

Alabama saw flame floods and strong winds across the state, with the weather being so bad that tens of thousands of people procure been left without power.

The EMA’s office has sent a report yon what happened on the farm to the National Weather Service in Birmingham, Alabama.

Lightning was the matchless causes of storm-related fatalities in the USA from 2009 to 2018, with there being 27 lightning-related deaths on typically each year there.

This is most often seen in the originate of cardiac arrest at the time of the strike, but many victims who survive die due to perception damage just days later.

Those who do survive are often radical with symptoms such as headaches, chronic pain, cognitive egresses, depression and personality changes.

Despite the incredibly low odds of being hit by lightning, this is not the triumph incident of its kind involving cows.

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