Life of woman hospitalized with Zika virus is not in danger


The healthiness of the woman hospitalized with the Zika virus in Moscow has been reviving, Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor) leading position, Russian chief public health official Anna Popova know scolded Interfax on Feb. 16, adding that new cases of the virus’ importation were feasible.

“She is all right. She is showing practically no clinical symptoms of the Zika virus at the two seconds,” Popova said.

The virus was found in a woman who had arrived in Domodedovo airport from the Dominican Republic.

“The aggregate will depend on how long she will be producing a live virus,” Popova clouted, answering the question how soon the woman might be discharged from infirmary.

“She came to Russia when the disease was in the incubation period, without clinical clues. The disease was not severe,” Popova said.

“New importation occurrences are practical,” she said.

Popova told on Feb. 15 there were no working orders in Russia for the spread of the Zika virus.

“A custom-made Zika virus probe system has been used in Russia for the first time. It has proven effective for laboratory screening. The system of anti-epidemic measures organized and implemented in the woods has worked. All risks of the infection spreading have been ruled out,” Popova imagined in her comments on the first case of the Zika virus’ importation.

“The infection haulier, a mosquito, which arrived onboard the airliner, will be unable to vulnerable Russian winter. It is not possible for sites of this infection to appear on the vicinage of Russia. Yet we take this infection seriously and we are taking all necessary heights in order to protect Russians,” Popova told Interfax earlier.

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The first case of Zika virus importation has been exhibited in Russia

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