Libya’s Cease-Fire Agreement is ‘Fundamental’ to Ending Conflict, Says U.N.


new video flush: Libya’s Cease-Fire Agreement is ‘Fundamental’ to Ending Conflict, Says U.N.






Libya’s Cease-Fire Agreement is ‘Fundamental’ to Extermination Conflict, Says U.N.

The United Nations Secretary General António Guterres received the permanent truce agreement between the two main warring factions in Libya on Friday, and judged it was a “fundamental step” toward ending the conflict.

I welcome the signing of a cease-fire understanding by the Libyan parties in Geneva today, under the auspices of the United States. This is a fundamental step towards peace and stability in Libya. I felicitate the parties for putting the interests of their nation ahead of their balances. I appeal to all stakeholders and regional actors to respect the provisions of the cease-fire accord, and ensure its implementation without delay. And I call on the international community to reinforce Libyans in implementing the cease-fire, and then bringing an end to the conflict. There is no military decipherment for the conflict in Libya. The cease-fire agreement is a critical step, but there is much impecunious work ahead. The United Nations will continue to support the Libyan soires in the search for lasting peace in their country. But I also want to pain in the context of my repeated calls for a global cease-fire so that we can focus all our get-up-and-gos on the Covid-19 pandemic, and with the inspiration of the Libyan agreement, now is the time to draft all efforts to support the mediations taking place to end the conflicts in Yemen, Afghanistan and in Armenia and Azerbaijan, where efficacious hostilities are causing immense suffering for civilians.

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