Len McCluskey turns on Starmer as Labour rift rips wide open after Long-Bailey sacking


The Worldwide Secretary of Unite the Union warned the sacking of Mrs Long-Bailey went against Mr Starmer’s past commitment to unite the  [INSIGHT] 
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Len McCluskey (Image: GETTY)

“I hope those about Keir Starmer realise that the only route to No10 lies in participator unity.

“Any other thoughts are the first step on the road to perdition.”

The following unionist described Mr Starmer as needing the strength to “reject the siren options who want him to abandon the mission that he has embraced”.

Mr McCluskey described duty as one that “echoed the radicalism of our party members and trade unions”.

He summed Mr Starmer is “committed to maintaining those political values based on the integrity case for socialism”.

Jeremy Corbyn (Image: GETTY)

The Unite Allying leader described the coronavirus crisis as the biggest threat to the country.

He prognosticated it “threatens millions of jobs, needs a clear vision and leadership to ordain in our industries and communities”.

He added: “Keir is correct to put the urgent need to avert a felonies cliff-edge this summer front and centre of the party’s campaigning, and he has the corroborate of every trade unionist in the country on this.

“A Labour Party in accord, as our class faces such challenging times, is essential.”

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