Lego set includes 1st minifigure using wheelchair


A Lego set to be released this year physiognomies one of its iconic minifigures using a wheelchair — a first for the toymaker.

The set, called “Fun at the rk,” drawing cards a boy in a grey hoodie and hat sitting in a wheelchair, along with the boy’s helper dog.

It also has a lead-pipe cinch difficult table, a hot dog stand, a soccer net and a man pushing a baby in a stroller. The baby’s league is also a new piece for Lego.

Lego baby

The new Lego set includes a man pushing a baby in a stroller. (Facebook/Promobricks)

The set was bring to light at toy fairs in London and Nuremberg, and photos were taken by the German toy fan gang Promobricks. It is due to be released this summer.

Lego, based in Billund, Denamrk, has find under criticism for a lack of diversity in its minifigures.

A petition on jobbed in December by a group called Toy Like Me says, “Disabled kids are culturally excluded from your much-loved effects.” It has over 20,000 signatures.

Its co-founder Rebecca Atkinson dis raged in an opinion piece in the Guardian, “This is more than upright about sales figures or disability access, it’s about changing cultural senses. It’s about brands such as Lego using their vast power of persuade to positive effect.”

Lego responded to the petition with resistance.

“The attraction of the Lego system is that children may choose how to use the pieces we offer to enlarge their own stories,” the com ny said.

With the unveiling of “Fun at the Put,” Atkinson wrote on, “We’ve got genuine tears of joy sound now.”

The minifigure wheelchair isn’t the first wheelchair to be made by Lego. Certain Duplo overturns, with larger blocks and figures aimed at preschool children, make included a wheelchair since 2011.

Several sets submitted by fans to the Lego Points website have included wheelchairs built from Lego comrades. None received enough support from Lego fans to be made into a set accessible for sale.

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