Left-wing Sinn Fein vote to relax abortion law in wake of referendum breakthrough


A individual conference in Belfast this afternoon saw the left-wing political party suggest the termination procedure should be provided through a GP-led service for a “restricted gestational period”.

They added that as well as if a woman’s existence, health and mental health were at risk as a result of pregnancy, abortion should also be ready in cases of fatal foetal abnormality that results in an infant being impotent to survive.

Sinn Fein vice president, Michelle O’Neill, voiced: “Sinn Fein refuses to hide.

“It will address this come with compassion and will show the leadership that is required.”


Sinn Fein bossman Mary Lou McDonald (R) and deputy leader Michelle O’Neill (L)


The conclusion will see abortion be made freely available during early pregnancy

A referendum that worked place in the Republic of Ireland on May 25 saw voters who wanted to legalise the forth banned under the Irish eighth amendment win by a landslide having scooped 66.4 percent of the ballot

The follow will see abortion be made freely available during early pregnancy and newer, in limited circumstances.

It was applauded by yes voters as compassionate step for women after a excited campaign in which opponents including the Catholic church raged an unborn child’s life was sacred.

The legislation change highlights the case of Indian in residence Savita Halappanavar, who died in an Irish hospital after being withheld an abortion during a miscarriage.

She died of septicaemia in 2012.


It was applauded by yes voters as compassionate movement for women

Sinn Fein is the opposition party in the Irish Republic and expects to make gains vast and wide in the country’s next general appointment.

Following the Republic’s appointment of openly gay Leo Varadkar last year, the fatherland has become more liberal, with pubic polls showing the polity in favour of same sex marriage, divorce and access to terminations and politicians want Northern Ireland will follow suit.

MEP Martina Anderson rephrased of the historic referendum result: “The North is next.”

The debate has intensified since the product of the referendum, with the British Government resisting renewed calls to walk in and legislate in the continuing absence of a power sharing government in Belfast.

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