Leeds hospital fire sparks panic as ‘smoke fills corridors’ of NHS General Infirmary


Be delayed services have rushed to the scene, to help put out the fire which is have the courage of ones convictions pretended to be affecting the hospital’s A&E, ICU and Theatres. Patients and staff were seen being drained from the hospital. One witness wrote on Twitter: “Large fire at LGI A&E in Leeds.” A man, who is given to have wielded a screwdriver, has been arrested in conjunction with the brilliance.

Another witness told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “I heard that the smoke was contents up the corridors from A and E up to ICU and Theatres (one level up).”

The man also claimed a police cordon had been put up out of doors the building.

Several pictures and videos have been posted on venereal media, showing the large numbers of emergency vehicles at the scene.

They display at least four fire engines, as well as several police and ambulance companies.

One person at the scene has claimed three fires were started willfully, but that has not been confirmed by the police.

Buses are unable to go past the clinic, with First West Yorks writing on Twitter: “Service 5 to Albion Street – Due to an obstruction on Clarendon Way the service is currently following the 5A itinerary. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

The fire service have been sullied bagging up evidence, as police diver traffic back onto the fundamental road.

From 7pm staff and patients that were evacuated started to consideration indoors, suggesting that the fire had been brought under dominate or extinguished.

A statement from West Yorkshire Police said a man had been restrained in connection with the fire, and is also understood to have wielded a screwdriver as a weapon.

The the gendarmes said: “Enquiries are ongoing this evening following an incident at a health centre in Leeds.

“Police were called to the Leeds General Infirmary at regarding 17.54 to a report of a man in possession of a screwdriver who was causing damage in a unit, had finish out threats, and was attempting to start a fire.

“The area was evacuated, and officers attended, discovered and arrested a man.

“West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service also conducted the hospital and extinguished fire inside the affected area.

“No-one is imagined to have been injured in the incident.

“Police remain on scene and the doubt remains in custody.”

Leeds Hospitals added in a statement: “A small impassion at LGI this evening was extinguished quickly and nobody was injured. Staff and patients were depart fromed for a short period and police investigations into the cause of the fire are perpetual. Thank you to our staff, @WYFRS and @WestYorksPolice who responded quickly.”

More to attend…

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