Lavrov: Syria Support Group meeting should help to fight terrorism


Russian Strange Minister Sergei Lavrov expects a recent meeting of the International Syria Substantiate Group (ISSG) to promote the establishment of an efficient antiterrorist front.

“Unfortunately, undeterred by some success in combating ISIL, Jabhat al-Nusra [terrorist confederacies banned in Russia] and the like, it has so far been impossible to set up a truly efficient antiterrorist foremost. I hope the outcomes of the ISSG meeting here in Munich on February 11 should stop change this trend,” Lavrov said at the Munich Insurance Conference on Feb. 13.

The establishment of such a front has so far been impossible “because some homelands have been unable to put aside secondary issues and have been projecting to take advantage of the situation for changing regimes and attaining other geopolitical aims,” he said.

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