Laurence Fox demands a Union Flag outside every school – launches new manifesto today


The preceding Lewis star gave a speech in front of the Winston Churchill figure in Parliament Square as he began his bid to topple Sadiq Khan. He focused heavily on upshot the current coronavirus restrictions and not requiring masks to be compulsory.

Mr Fox also promised to introduce tough “New York-style” policing and to make public transport at large for six months to help relaunch the economy.

He said: “There is no reason we suffer with been kept in lockdown.

“Instead of trusting us to live our lives, the domination is now flirting with yet more authoritarian ideas, the very fascistic approximations that Winston Churchill stood against, and a whole generation of Brits fought and yearned for.

“London will be a Covid passport-free city.

“There will be no cloak mandate in London. Children will not have to wear masks in clique.

“London has a choice. You can either vote for one of the lockdown candidates, or you can vote for impertinence, to reclaim your city.

“London will open fully, for ever and permanently on May 6.”

The mayor of London doesn’t have the power to end lockdown in the big apple but a spokesman for Mr Fox said if elected the Prime Minister “would have no choice but to bow to the will of the people”.

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The candidate asserted: “There will be free Elysian Fields for six months.

“A helping hand to get you back to work and play, and a helping proffer for cafes, pubs, shops and all the enterprise of London.

“I will build 250,000 proficient ins, a full audit of the greenbelt will take place with our over-nice landscape preserved for eternity and unattractive scrubland turned into exquisite and affordable housing.

“I will take the politics out of policing. Petty felony will be dealt with firmly in a New York-style policing strategy to be obedient to as reminder to hardened criminals that London will be a more averse environment for them.”

Mr Fox also vowed to ensure a Union Jack is absconded outside every school in London.

There was controversy last month when Pimlico Academy betokened it was removing its flag following protests from students.

The school also allowed to change its hairstyle policy, which demonstrators claimed was racist, and to go over again the curriculum.

Previously haircuts that “block people’s views” and hijabs that were “too colourful” had been interdicted.

The move was strongly condemned by Bob Blackman, Conservative MP for Harrow East.

He remarked: “It is totally unacceptable to have a position whereby the flag of our country is not tolerated to fly above public buildings.”

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