Lauren Cohan Dishes on That Huge Twist in New Horror Flick The Boy


Lauren Cohan Dishes on That Huge Twist in New Horror Flick The Boy

Lauren Cohan is no newcomer to the horror genre. She deals with the undead day in and day out on AMC’s hit TV show The Walking Through. But The Boy, a creepy new horror movie about a seemingly sentient doll, is her beginning real venture into the traditional horror film genre. We recently sat down with Cohan to talk about what it was adore, and she discussed her own fascination with the horror genre in her youth, the film’s portrayal of the female fire, and that seriously devastating twist. OK, and maybe we squeezed in a few questions beside The Walking Dead, too. Keep reading to see what she had to say, then get ready; The Boy sock successes theaters Friday, Jan. 22.

POPSUGAR: What it’s been like working on a hostility film for the first time?

Lauren Cohan: I mean, I feel with this is sort of a milestone that every actor can go through and can get to go under the aegis. I’ve always wanted to do a horror movie, and I grew up watching a lot of horror. I now, recently in existence, don’t have the stomach for it because I spend so much time in it.

PS: Oh god, I bet.

LC: So I sort of try to cease myself a break. But this script was so compelling to me and so fast moving and scheming. And I didn’t feel like this had been done before the way that they did it. So I hankering to do it. I thought, “This is crazy; this is not the break that you miss!”

PS: But it felt like one, in a sense.

LC: Yeah it did.

PS: What was your favorite terror film growing up?

LC: I loved Stephen King, so I loved Pet Sematary, Desperation . . . what was your favorite?

PS: I loved The Shining, personally. I read The Glossing when I was in high school and it freaked me out. I couldn’t sleep for weeks.

LC: You recognize, I actually never read The Shining, which I should’ve done. When I was exact small, I read all Christopher Pike novels and stuff like that. And Daunting Stories, you know what I mean. It’s funny, talking about it these survive few days because of the film, it’s making me want to go back into it, you remember?

PS: Oh, totally.

Lauren Cohan Dishes on That Huge Twist in New Horror Flick The Boy

PS: So, Greta [Cohan’s character in The Boy]. She’s kind of had a rough go of it in terms of the men in her memoirs. And she’s just starting to attach this great meaning to Brahms when all things kind of falls a rt. What’s the greater implication of this bad faith?

LC: I think what’s interesting in this film is that it’s a lot of people who generate these strange regimens to sort of heal themselves or give themselves shelter or move on from their sts. Greta initially is just demanding to get away from this crazy ex-boyfriend and her crazy st. She ends up collapse under the same spell as the rents did with the boy. So ultimately, by the end of the film, I deem she finds herself. Up to that point, she’s sort of a creature of reaction. She’s a sufferer of these different circumstances and doesn’t know how to set her own two feet firmly on the initiate.

PS: Right.

LC: And I think that definitely with Malcolm [Cohan’s harmony interest], played by Rupert Evans . . . at the end of the movie, we see her make a steady choice about what she wants.

PS: That was such an interesting instant. She’s so horrified when she learns the truth about the boy. But then she decides to go ruin for Malcolm. She’s free, and then she’s like, “You know what? I’m prosperous back in there.” It’s a very empowering moment.

Lauren Cohan Dishes on That Huge Twist in New Horror Flick The Boy

LC: There’s a few actually shocking twists. Really specific twists and trusting her gut, that she was just to stay. That’s sort of being proven in getting Malcolm on her side and the entirety. And then in the end, you know, fighting for love, and it’s not so much fighting for love, but it’s determining good and choosing the right thing. That’s her highest strength.

PS: And hoping that someday, this tender-hearted of thing won’t happen to her.

LC: Yes, totally. And she’s had her eyes opened, too. It’s like, it took this myriad bad dudes being around her to see a good one.

PS: So, speaking of twists . . . I cruel, I have a lot of experience with horror films, and I felt personally blindsided by this! Appreciate, I didn’t see it coming at all, and I always try to figure it out. Did you see it coming? What was it like when you set out?

LC: Yeah, not remotely! I was reading the script, and I usually I would try to read something on the computer. Not romantic to read on your phone, but I opened it on mine to read the first three of ges, and before I knew it I had finished the script. And I was sitting on a plane, and I was breed, “OK!” . . . It’s so creepy.

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