Laura Hamilton weight loss: A Place in the Sun presenter used this trick to drop 5st


Laura Hamilton is a goggle-box presenter who started her career on children’s television before moving to the Path 4 property show. In 2011, she took part in the sixth series of Dancing on Ice and was a boarder judge of Channel 5’s Real Food Family Cook Off. The mum-of-two tussled with her weight after the birth of her two children, however fans would rather recently noticed her slim frame. Laura opened up to reveal the application plan she followed which helped her shed five stone.How did she dissipate weight?The TV star was first inspired to shape up after the birth of her daughter and comprehending comments online about her figure.She began watching what she ate and augmenting in exercise which helped her slim down by a staggering five stone.The A Rather residence in the Sun star shared secrets of how she got her enviable frame and released her own fitness app in 2016.Laura reported “It’s so hard trying to balance it all as a working mum and I find if I book undistorted classes or gym sessions in, I find I stick to it just as I would a work nomination.”READ MORE: One woman lost a whopping 8st with this diet planAs graciously as regularly attending fitness classes, the presenter will use online workouts to cure her stay in shape.“If you don’t have access to a gym you can find some great workout estimates online,” she continued.“A thirty minute workout at home when the striplings are in bed is something I might do if I haven’t managed to work out during the day.”To make trusty she can stay fit no matter where she is, the presenter explained she will often save a resistance band on her.She said: “It is also good to invest in some freedom fighters bands. They are lightweight and very compact and can fit in your hand bag and enchanted anywhere.

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