Laptop ban: US lifts ban on Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways but Emirates not so lucky


The laptop ban has been heave up exalted from Abu Dhabi Airport, where Etihad Airways is the flagship drayman. 

Passengers flying from Abu Dhabi to the US can now take electronic devices into the bothy, rather than having to stow them in their checked paraphernalia. 

Etihad was exempted from the ban because the US is satisfied with the airport’s increased pledge procedures.

Passengers are subject to “enhanced inspections” due to the new rules, which implies being screened before leaving the airport rather than discontinuation until they arrive in the US. 

US laptop ban Emirates EtihadGETTY

US laptop ban has been voided for Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi but Emirates hasn’t been included

Emirates is toil to implement extra security measures of its own in a bid for a laptop ban exemption

Now Emirates is manipulating to implement extra security measures of its own in a bid to acquire a laptop ban exemption too. 

The Dubai-based airline revealed it is “working hard in co-ordination with various aviation stakeholders and the municipal authorities” to put the checks in place. 

In April, Emirates said it was cutting show a clean pair of heels to the US because of reduced demand in the fallout from the ban. 

The US implemented the electronic mechanism ban on inbound flights from 10 Middle Eastern airports repayment in March. 

They included Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and eReaders

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US laptop ban Emirates EtihadGETTY

US laptop ban – Etihad Airways was exempted because Abu Dhabi Airport clamp down new security measures

US security officials said the move was in response to desperado intelligence about bombs being concealed in electronic devices. 

But Abu Dhabi’s dispensation from the ban this week has prompted speculation that other airports ordain follow suit. 

Turkish Airlines said on Monday it expects the ban to be cast off on its flights by July 5.

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US introduced its laptop ban in March for inbound take to ones heels from 10 Middle Eastern airports

Travellers will hang in there “unnecessary frustration” because of time-consuming checks on laptops, according to a dealings group representing the transatlantic carriers American Airlines and United. 

The Subdivision of Homeland Security claimed that the new measures were necessary to retard terrorists sneaking on bombs disguised as computers. 

New measures will comprise extra swabbing of laptops and more sniffer dogs, resulting in lengthier lines at security.

The clampdown will hit 2,100 flights arriving from 100 surroundings each day, affecting 325,000 passengers.