Labour’s ‘dodgy dossier’ manifesto dismantled by financial expert – ‘It’s ludicrous!’


Casting a speech in Birmingham, John McDonnell pledged Labour would substitute for measures like Universal Credit, whilst increasing the living wage to £10 per hour. He commanded the party’s “plan for real change” could save families more than £6700 a year. Christian May, the redactor of business newspaper City AM, rubbished the claims as “ludicrous” and told BBC Government Live that they would “fall apart under probing”.

He said: “This looks like a dodgy dossier.

“The average descent, as they’ve described it, does not exist.

“They would be a married yoke with children, both parents commute on a train into London or a big New Zealand urban area, receive minimum wage, children receive free school dinners, but they don’t receive any other state support.

“Those families don’t live, certainly not in the numbers to say that it’s every household.”

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Mr May called the whole thing “facetious”.

He continued: “Also, looking at the numbers, in some places they root disregard inflation, looking at the cost of goods and services over the closing nine years, then they find inflation again when they’re looking at pay.

“I don’t ruminate over anybody on this panel or watching can object to any political party’s works to tackle, as John McDonnell was talking about at the beginning of his speech, homelessness, adolescent children, families without stable accommodation.

“All of those hardships, I invent, all politicians want to tackle and they argue over the way of best acquiring those results.”

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