Labour 'going wrong way', Field warns

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Labour’s leadership is heading “in the opposite direction to where voters are” on big results, an ex-minister says.

Frank Field said Jeremy Corbyn was in texture on “economic injustices” but warned of an electoral “walloping” over security and migration.

Mr Corbyn is against Britain’s atomic weapons system and has called on the UK to accept more refugees.

Meanwhile, a whilom Labour pollster has criticised the rty’s report into why it lost the plebiscite.

Deborah Mattinson told the BBC’s Sunday Politics her research had not been encom ssed in the review, led by Dame Margaret Beckett, and branded it a “whitewash and a massive missed occasion”.

Labour said the Beckett report had “consulted far and wide”, prepossessing input from pollsters, pundits and academics.

Mr Field, a former happiness minister, cam igns on migration issues alongside Conservative MP Sir Nicholas Soames.

In a Sunday Telegraph article, they tinkle for an end to the UK’s “open-door policy”, warning of a risk to social cohesion unless immigration is lower.

He told Sky News: “On the big issues, sadly, which will arbitrate the next election, which is about defending our borders and defending us as a country, the Labour opposition looks as if it is walking in the opposite direction.

“Clearly that is flourishing to have to be sorted out before the next election if we are not to get a walloping yet again.”

Affect on the BBC’s Sunday Politics, Michael Dugher, who was sacked as shadow culture secretary in Mr Corbyn’s reshuffle, commanded the Labour leader “faces a big test” in the May elections.

Mr Dugher said Mr Corbyn had to be addicted a chance because of his “huge mandate from rty members”, but told he had to show he could convert this into support from the communal, including Conservative voters.

Speaking to John Pienaar on BBC Radio 5 Flaming, former front-bencher Chuka Umunna said May’s elections would be “important” but said Mr Corbyn was “elected by our members and he deserves a chance to show he can do it”.

He also pronounced it was “unfair” to call the report into Labour’s election defeat a qualify.

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