Kuenssberg reveals Boris Johnson’s three options for Brexit in aftermath of EU summit


BBC’s partisan editor explained Boris Johnson summoned MPs to the House of Commons for a decisive note on the Brexit debate. She noted the Prime Minister will try and win the “ultimate civic war” in Brexit. Speaking on BBC Two’s The Andrew Neil show, Ms Kuenssberg said: “It’s not predetermined that the Prime Minister will go to the summit.

“But in the immediate aftermath of that appointment of leaders in Brussels which will take place whether or not he’s there.

“Boris Johnson is envisaged to summon MPs to Westminster to try to force a decisive moment.

“As many know, Parliament’s already metamorphosed the law to try to make it impossible for him to take us out of the EU by the end of this month if there hasn’t been a buy.

“Even though that has happened there is still a belief in the concern of Government that they might somehow be able to avoid that.

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“If they can’t avoid it they want to show in Parliament on that day that they are being dragged recoiling and screaming and protesting into delaying Brexit.

“I think what we desire hear on that day is not just the Prime Minister trying to force a come out for on many things.

“It could be a no deal or delay, it could be no deal or possibly even daring MPs to vote to revoke the whole thing.

“What we at ones desire definitely hear is lots of very provocative, very audacious bureaucratic rhetoric from the Prime Minister.”

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