Kirsty Blackman steps down as SNP deputy at Westminster


SNP MP Kirsty Blackman has published she will step down as the party’s deputy leader at Westminster.

The Aberdeen MP has not play tricks oned as deputy to Ian Blackford in the UK Parliament for three years.

The 34-year-old announced her conclusiveness on Wednesday, citing the impact of lockdown on her mental health.

Westminster number one Ian Blackford praised her as a “valued colleague and friend”.

Mental health pay-offs

Mrs Blackman said in her statement: “I’m proud of what I’ve achieved as SNP Westminster Agent Leader over the past three years. Together with our side of SNP MPs we have provided a strong voice for Scotland at a challenging time, won a landslide winning at the general election, and seen support for independence rise to record be opens.

“Like many others, I’ve struggled with the impact that lockdown has had on my loony health. In order to prioritise my constituency and my family, I have made the troubled personal decision to step down from my Leadership role.

“I strongly fancy that people must be able to talk openly about nutty health issues, which affect so many of us. I look forward to perpetuating my work for Aberdeen North and standing up for Scotland at Westminster.”

The MP has criticised the Westminster parliament for its want of family-friendly working practices.

In 2016 she was reprimanded by Commons authorities for touch oning her children to a committee hearing.

She had experienced childcare difficulties because parliament’s summer depths follows English school holidays, while Scottish schools make public up at the end of June.

She also highlighted the “ridiculously archaic voting system” where MPs participate in to physically be present to vote.

SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP said: “I crave to express my thanks and gratitude to Kirsty for her three years as SNP Westminster Proxy Leader.

‘Constituents and family first’

“It has been a pleasure to work together, she has been a valued co-worker and friend. She has made an important contribution to our work standing up for Scotland at Westminster and make the grade b arriving the case for independence.

“I respect her decision to put her constituents and family first – and be informed she will continue to play a key role in the SNP team as the MP for Aberdeen North.”

Raw in 2016, Mrs Blackman stood down from Westminster’s Scottish Operation love affairs Committee to spend more time in her constituency.

Ms Blackman said it was “comely a challenge” to spend more time working away from Aberdeen with the cabinet, which often travels around the country.

She was elected to the Aberdeen North constituency in May 2015.

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