Kinahans hunt down ‘assassin in drag’

Friday 12th February 2016

The assassin in be protracted

Reports in this morning’s Sun indicate that the Kinahan Cartel have knowledge of who the cross dressing criminal is and are hunting him down.

“This thug wouldn’t set up the same resources as the Kinahans, there aren’t too many places where he can go,” a commencement told the Sun.

The ‘assassin in drag’ is believed to be an armed robber with end ties to slain gangster Gary Hutch.

It is believed that the Kinahan mob tease identified him and put a price on his head.

The Sun reports that new gang boss Daniel Kinahan has communistic Dublin but has ordered his outfit to target senior members of the Hutch com ny.

“The tranny killer is terrified of being whacked and has been staying in original safe houses since last Friday’s attack”, a source replied.

“He knows the Kinahan gang know who he is and he will always be a target for his involvement in the slaying of Byrne.

“It’s a question of who gets to him first, the Kinahan gang or the gardai.

Gardai are on ear-splitting alert ahead of Byrne’s funeral on Monday.

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