Kim Wilde thought UFO seen in her garden was Michael Jackson coming back to HAUNT her


The 55-year-old Kids in America nightingale, who has sold more than ten million albums worldwide, said she watched the ‘invariable and silent’ lights on the UFO in the summer of 2009 in her Hertfordshire garden.

The singer, now a prospect gardener, said she first thought the alien UFO was Michael Jackson “bump into b y up to haunt her”.

Kim was Jacko’s support act during his 1988 BAD tour and saw the UFO on June 26 2009 – the day after Michael Jackson died.

Betokening today, the singer revealed her ‘secret’, saying: “I every now saw a UFO in my back garden.

“It was the day after Michael Jackson died and I thought, ‘He is communicating back to haunt me!’

“It was on a Friday night and I saw two lights in the sky that were unvarying and silent.”

Kim Wilde told Event magazine: “I stood notice of them above my garden from about 11pm till one in the morning. “It had a deep effect on me. It makes me think that somebody is looking after us.”

She suggested previously that the UFO was “about 20 times the size of an aeroplane.

“I confidence in it’s similar to when someone says they’ve seen God.”

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