Kiev ready to collect all Ukrainians from Crimean prisons


The Ukrainian authorities are subject to to collect all convicted fellow citizens serving their prison rulings at Crimean penitentiaries, Ukrainian First Deputy Justice Minister Natalia Sevostyanova told.

“We’ve been in talks with Russia for two years, trying in every conceivable way to collect our prisoners. And we were very surprised by the new Russian ombudsman’s pronouncement that they are ready to transfer all Crimean prisoners. I can publicly confirm today that we are doing everything to collect everyone who is locked up there,” Sevostyanova utter on the Inter television channel on May 29 evening.

At the same time, Ukraine has yet to ascertain official documentation on Russia’s readiness to hand over Crimean also gaolbirds, but in the st two years it was the opposite: Russia was against such a hand over and above, she said.

“So now we will react promptly and demand fulfillment of the obligations: we are poised to collect everyone simply, unilaterally and provide them with safer conditions than in the Russian Federation,” Sevostyanova said.

On May 26 Verkhovna Rada’s charitable rights ombudsman Valeria Lutkovska appealed to her Russian counter rt Tatiana Moskalkova, advocating her to begin active actions to transfer convicted Ukrainians from the Russian internal Republic of Crimea.

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