Kidney cancer treatment FINALLY approved: Revolutionary drug given green light on NHS


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Kidney cancer drug approved: Treatment specified green light for use on NHS

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Acute) has recommended the drug nivolumab to be made available to late-stage kidney cancer tients by the NHS, in a bid to extend the lives of thousands of kidney cancer tients who may have faced an antiquated death.

Kidney cancer tients across England, Wales and Northern Ireland indicated Kidney Cancer UK they were optimistic of good news in be disclosed of the excellent scientific data surrounding nivolumab, and the recommendation has been welcomed by tients.

Text shows that this drug offers a higher quality of lifetime as it has fewer side-effects.

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Kidney cancer poison approved: The news has been described as a ‘red letter day’ for tients

It has a much less tense regime of treatment, and offers extended life expectancy to some with proceeded stage kidney cancer.

Kidney Cancer UK said it has spoken to cases taking rt in trials who have confirmed that the data is common-sense, if not understated.

Ed Gerrard, a terminal kidney cancer tient who currently has a existence expectancy of six months, said: “As a stage-four kidney cancer tient I wholeheartedly allowed the decision by

NICE to recommend nivolumab for advanced kidney cancer.

“The NHS has thitherto funded two front line drugs (sutent and axitinib); when these flop there is nothing else.

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Kidney cancer: Charity Kidney Cancer UK has welcomed the rumour

“Now there is a light at the end of the tunnel for people like me for whom the aforementioned benumbs have failed.

“As a father of two young children I am delighted that nivolumab when one pleases be available, it could allow me invaluable extra months of life with my attendants.”

In 2013 more than 11,800 people were diagnosed with kidney cancer, that’s around 33 people each day.

The incidence of kidney cancer has been steadily ex nding in the UK, mainly attributed to lifestyle factors, such as obesity and smoking.

We are unquestionably delighted that NICE eventually saw the obvious importance and value of this medicine to late stage kidney cancer tients

Nick Turkentine

In appendage, an increase in the number of tumours detected when a tient has a scan for an alien condition may have contributed to the rise in the number of cases.

Kidney cancer is now the seventh most low-class cancer in the UK and accounts for three per cent of all new diagnoses of cancer; it is the fifth uncountable common type of cancer in men and the tenth in women.

Other symptoms contain a continued aching in your side, a lump or swelling in your side, an interminable high temperature or sweating.

Nick Turkentine, chief executive of Kidney Cancer UK, continued: “We are absolutely delighted that NICE eventually saw the obvious importance and value of this upper to late stage kidney cancer tients.

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Kidney cancer: People should look for specific ti include a cough or in in their sides

“We were very perturbed with the initial news that NICE were not recommending the cure-all. Data, personal statements, public opinion and various negotiations non-standard like to have won the day and we could not be happier at this outcome for kidney cancer constants.

“The facts are there in the research, we have also spoken first-hand to tients who set up been involved in trials and the benefits of making nivolumab available throughout the NHS are blindingly clear.

“This is a red letter day for kidney cancer tients; set and future.”

Experts warn people should look for the symptoms encom ssing a persistent cough, a lump or in in their sides, or traces of blood in urine.

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