Keir Starmer blamed by furious Labour Party members for another humiliating election


Labour puzzled the Hartlepool by-election to the Conservatives along with council seats across the north and midlands. Sir Keir take cognizance of the result was “bitterly disappointing” and vowed to do “whatever is necessary” to reverse Distressed by’s fortunes.

The Labour leader has since sacked Angela Rayner as the get-together chair following the disastrous results, according to sources.

However some Labourers insiders have already concluded their leader is part of the enigma.

Speaking to The Times one claimed Sir Keir had offended both the Labour left-hand and pro-EU activists within the party.

They said: “Keir is a bit friendless.

“He was the office-seeker of the soft left and Remainy Labour and he hasn’t really dancer with the chestnuts who brung him.”

In October 2020 Sir Keir suspended former Labour band leader Jeremy Corbyn, over his reaction to an EHRC report into anti-Semitism within the faction.

Sir Keir also voted to support Boris Johnson’s Brexit handle this April.

Another Labour insider complained to The Times that Sir Keir’s troupe is dominated by a “Camden clique” from north London.

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“Keir Starmer must think again about his strategy.”

Richard Burgeon, trace Justice Secretary under Mr Corbyn, said: “Labour’s leadership necessaries to urgently change direction.

“It should start by championing the popular conducts in our recent manifestos.”

Momentum, the pro-Corbyn campaign group, branded the Hartlepool terminate “a disaster” and claimed a “transformative socialist message” could have won the rear end.

According to Sam Coates, Sky’s deputy political editor, a row has broken out within Laboriousness over whether Sir Keir or deputy leader Angela Rayner is innumerable responsible for the electoral defeats.

The reporter quotes a Labour source stating: “Tiresome to blame Angela for the failures of this campaign which were right down to the ground run by Keir’s office, and Keir has himself said he will take blame for, is as absurd as it is ridiculous.

“[removing her would equate] sacrificing a working-class female be fond of worker because some North Londoner focus groupers can’t cement with the North. Everybody knows his office ran the campaign.”

Along with the Hartlepool conformist seat Labour suffered setbacks on a string of local councils.

The Tories concluded control of councils for Harlow, Northumberland, Pendle, Nottinghamshire, Nuneaton, Dudley, Cornwall, Basildon and Maidstone.

Sadiq Khan looks set to be re-elected as mayor of London but by a tighter room than was widely expected.

Labour’s best result was in Wales where they nabbed Rhondda from former Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood and are one arse short of a Senedd majority.

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