Keep out of it! Priti Patel blasts relentless bid to stop Brexit ‘Public is sick to death’


The Boris Johnson promoter spoke out after it emerged Gina Miller has written a letter to the Tory operation hopeful instructing him to provide notice, should he become Prime Aid, if he plans to suspend Parliament and push through a no deal Brexit. Priti Patel criticised the literally, claiming the public are “sick to death” of attempts to “tie the hands” of politicians in Parliament. The ex- International Development Secretary told Sky News’ Ridge on Sunday: “I cogitate on first of all the issue is that it’s now down to members of Parliament and a new Government to really take action, not for third parties by going through the courts.

“I weigh that’s exactly how it should’ve been previously as well after 2016, after the referendum the Administration was very clear back then that Brexit meant Brexit and we were growing to leave the EU.

“Instead we had a range of third party anti-Brexit organisations and feelings that chose to go to the court to derail the whole Brexit delivery.

“And also to tie the deal outs of the Government and politicians in Parliament, that’s simply not acceptable and quite frankly the British visible are sick to death of this.

“They want to see a Government now with regenerate conviction, get out there and do exactly what it said it will do, which is now to impart Brexit.

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“This should not be about the semantics of Parliament or just votes in Parliament or proroguing Parliament, we now should prefer to to get behind a new Government that is very clear in a future determination now, which is to get out of the EU emerge b be published what may by October 31.”

In a letter to Mr Johnson, Ms Miller’s lawyers stated: “We plea that you undertake not to advise Her Majesty the Queen, should you become Prime Cleric, to prorogue Parliament, without first providing 7 days’ notice to our patient.”

In reference to the letter earlier in the programme, Ms Patel said: “I’m not at all surprised because there appearance ofs to be this absolutely relentless movement to delay Brexit, stop Brexit from episode and of course question the integrity of a Government.

“A future Government now, not the current Superintendence under Theresa May, and its renewed determination to exit the EU and do something which us selected politicians like myself have said we want to do, which is hand over Brexit.”

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