Katie Rough funeral: Devastated parents pay tribute to their 'smart, fun, beautiful child'


Numberless than 300 mourners stood outside York Minster as the not any girl’s white and red coffin – decorated with characters from her choice Dr Seuss cartoon – was carried inside.

Another 400 family, allies and neighbours packed inside the famous church where she had been baptised as a babe in arms.

Katie was found with severe lacerations to her neck and chest on a butter up field half-a-mile from her home in York last month. 

Katie RoughSWNS

Hundreds deduced at York Minster, to pay tribute to Katie Rough

Katie Rough tribute noticeSWNS

Some 300 mourners appeared to say goodbye to the little girl

She was rushed to hospital but could not be saved. 

Her shocking death on January 9 came less than two weeks after her stepfathers’ married after over a decade together.

Today her grieving sources Paul, 34, and Alison, 38, held hands as the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu required how he held an eleven our vigil by her coffin on Sunday night.

He said: “We appreciation you for the love and trust which she inspired in the hearts of those whom she met, for the joy which she has acknowledged to all who knew her and for the precious memories of her that will abide.”

Katie RoughSWNS

The inamorata’s coffin was decorated with her favourite Dr Seuss characters

There’s no easy as pie way to say goodbye, we can’t dwell in sadness or keep asking why when we may never grasp why this smart, fun, beautiful child was taken from our lives at such a inexperienced age

Steve Rough, uncle

The Archbishop told mourners how the youngster had been baptised at the celebrated Minster and that he had met her when she was just four during a visit to the construction.

She had spotted him and trotted up to ask him the he way to the toilet.

Dressed in his ceremonial robes he added to giggling: “Perhaps she thought I was the cleaner.”

The Archbishop re-wrote verses to one of Katie’s choice hymns “He’s got the whole world in his hands” to include the words “He’s got Katie and me, fellow-citizen in his hands,” for the service.

Katie RoughSWNS

Mourners were asked to dress formally but with a colourful misunderstand

He described her as “beautiful, joyful, trusting and faithful”.

Katie’s uncle Steve Churlish choked back tears as he described his niece as a “smart, fun, beautiful and sassy sprog”. 

He said: “There’s no easy way to say goodbye, we can’t dwell in sadness or keep plead to why when we may never know why this smart, fun, beautiful child was bewitched from our lives at such a young age.

He described her as a “Daddy’s girl”, and give someone a piece of ones minded how she loved jumping “with delight” on a trampoline, picnics and sleepovers, and conclude from the bible.

Katie Rough with her parentsFACEBOOK

The girl’s family spoke touching words at the navy

Mr Rough said Katie suffered from selective mutism but that did not end her from having fun with her friends. 

He described her love of the outdoors and impute to, particularly poetry and Dr Seuss. 

He said: “Her family were her world. She loved her mum and dad but she was for all described as a daddy’s girl.”

Katie’s coffin arrived at the South Transept of the Minster in a unblemished hearse pulled by two white horses.

Katie RoughSWNS

A 15-year-old is due in court settled Katie’s death

Along with characters from Dr Seuss the pall was decorated with multicoloured flowers on top and cartoon fish on the side.

Mourners be ined bright scarves and ties and a number of young children wore rainbow-coloured mane bows after they were asked by Katie’s parents to put on clothing formally “but with a colourful twist”.

Her parents have said a undying memorial will be established for their daughter.

A 15-year-old girl, who cannot be standing, has appeared in court charged with Katie’s murder. 

She is due to appear earlier Leeds Crown Court on Thursday.

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