Katie Hopkins tears apart 'London boy' over nonsensical Brexit remark in savage LBC rant


The fired-up LBC swarm could not hide her annoyance with Kevin as she loudly sighed and put her climax in her hands during his tirade. 

Having none of it, Hopkins thundered there are a lot of sentiments she is embarrassed about, including Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. 

“I’m disgraced to admit there’s even a place in the UK called Islington,” the LBC host communicated.

“I’m embarrassed to admit that our Labour party is led by someone called Corbyn. I’m skint to admit that 48 per cent of people who voted remain can’t bear that they lost. 

“I’m embarrassed to admit that over all of those human being who lost behind Clinton because all she wanted to do was make everybody a sufferer.”

Continuing, the Donald Trump supporter said she was also embarrassed almost bitter voters who could not accept the result of a democratic election.

Hopkins go oned: “I’m embarrassed that they still think they can protest an inauguration the 45th President of the Coordinated States of America. That’s what I’m embarrassed about. 

“That’s to come we get onto the subject of my grandfather’s piles Kevin!”

Appearing amused with Hopkins’ outbreak, Kevin replied: “I’m sorry you’re embarrassed about Islington but I’m a London boy in all respects and through and I love Islington, I live in Finchley. 

“For me the fact is Trump is all things considered one of the most divisive presidents about to enter into the White Harbour, of course we have to accept that, even you will accept that.”

“I don’t,” Hopkins snapped. 

Ignoring the disruption, the LBC caller continued: “I suppose Obama was divisive for the people on the alt-right, the KKK, people who perhaps love you, Katie. Those kinds of people hated Obama. 

“You’ve got people out there predicting ‘hail Trump’ and ‘white power’, they love Trump and I would long for to be as far away…”

However, before he could finish, the clearly fed-up receiver host cut off Kevin again as she said both sides of the political spectrum be subjected to people who take things to the extreme. 

Toppling his argument, Hopkins denounced: “And you’ve got people who support Black Lives Matter gunning down policemen so I dare say on both sides of this argument there are lunatics on the fringe that not any of us would want to be associated with.”

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