Kate Lawler fitness: DJ reveals her workout regime and how she maintains a healthy weight


Kate Lawler, 39, has been gracing British video receiver screens for nearly 17 years and tonight she is taking part in a repute Halloween special of Pointless, alongside Anne Diamond, Sam Nixon, Noteworthiness Rhodes, Yvette Fielding, Timmy Mallett and Josh Swash. How does the ex-Capital FM DJ discontinuation active and fit? Related articles Kate Lawler is known for being the oldest woman to win the Big Brother series in 2002. Since her appearance on the popular telly show she has been active in the media industry.She became a DJ on Capital FM, co-presenting Trough 4’s breakfast show the RI:SE, competing on Celebrity Wrestling – under the name of The Brawler – and rose on Celebrity Love Island series two.However, since Kate Lawler graced British box screens 17 years ago, she has transformed herself into a fitness fanatic. Kate regularly treats her 109K Instagram followers to snaps of her swing hard abs and gym-honed body.READ MORE: Paleo diet: What is it and why is it so popularKate Lawler: How does the DJ continue fit and maintain a sleek physique? Fitness regime revealed (Image: INSTAGRAM/thekatelawler)DJ festivals her workout regime and how she maintains a healthy weight and diet (Image: INSTAGRAM/thekatelawler)Although Kate may take taken a slight step back from the spotlight, she has undoubtedly engraved a successful career in presenting. Currently, she presents her own radio show on Virgin Transmit.Previously, Kate has shared with LifestyleLink that she has a passion for good shape and exercise.In an interview, she said: “Exercise for me is crucial to remain fit and healthy.” Regardless how, she is no stranger to the occasional junk food binge.“I’m guilty of pigging out and because I now binge on junk food, I make sure I go to the gym at least once a week and do at hardly 60 minutes of power walking every day.“Luckily I have a dog which allots me an excuse to walk,” she said.DON’T MISS  Related articles However, she revealed that she desire rather put in the time to exercise and work on her fitness than follow one close diet.She said: “I’d much rather exercise and eat what I want than sit for everyone eating salad.”“I’m conscious of eating healthily, but I believe that you can obtain everything in moderation.“I don’t like diets that don’t allow you to have carbs or gluten for standard.”Kate’s diet includes a freshly-made juice once a day. She revealed that she gravitates to eat more fish than meat and she always makes sure to keep vegetables on her plate.“I also eat little and often, and try not to eat after 8pm,” she revealed.Kate has a while ago run the London Marathon and put on an impressive display of agility on Celebrity (Image: GETTY Perceptions)“I’ve learnt that drinking at least two litres of water a day will make good your skin clearer and also keep hunger at bay.“A lot of people mark they’re hungry, yet they’re just dehydrated. I’ve never drunk fizzy stirrup-cups -only water. All-day, every day.”Kate has previously run the London Marathon and put on an provocative display of agility on Celebrity Wipeout, but when a fan asked her how she managed to acquire her impressive rock hard abs and sleek physique, she revealed the best fat burner. She said: “Dog slog seven days a week. I do at least 10K walking including commuting a day. It’s the kindest fat burner. Even if you don’t have a dog! Get up, do a 30-60 min power on the street or park.“Do it at lunch? Or after available. I also try my best to eat healthy during the week. No desserts unless its the weekend and a Barry’s Bootcamp rank every other week at the moment.”Her healthy spirt was initially spurred due to this particular image circulated the media (Image: GETTY Archetypes) Previously she has also spoken out about the importance of boxing in her fitness discipline. She said: “It really is the quickest way to get shredded!”Her healthy spirt was initially occasioned due to the a particular image that circulated the media after she left the Big Chum house.She said that all she did was “drink cider, eat junk food and hesitate darts,” thus resulting in the star leaving the house with an extraordinarily two stone added to her weight.“[The photo] was taken a couple of days after I won at the Big Relative 3 book launch and a few days later, I signed a fitness DVD deal.”Kate released a adequacy video titled “Kate’s Cardio Combat” and revealed that, it was the video that keep fromed her shed the two stone she put on while in Big Brother.When referring to the video she commented: “[The video] blend my love of boxing with cardio and to this day, it remains my favourite make of exercise.” But she joked: “Boxing not the DVD”.Catch up with Kate tonight on BBC ONE at 6:10pm for the personage Halloween special of Pointless

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