'Just incredible' Dog survives two weeks with no food after falling down a WELL


Bobby the Cocker S niel was conjectured dead after he disappeared while out on a walk in fields.

But the plucky harass was reunited with his overjoyed owners after a farmer heard him yelping from the underpinning of the well.

The two-year-old was rescued by firefighters who winched him to safety and back to thrilled Adrian Phillips, 63, and wife Sally-Anne, 58.

It is believed the dog survived by take in nourishment moist mud at the bottom of the pit and licking condensation from the brick wall.

A check-up by a vet revealed that he had amazingly suffered no disobeyed bones in his fall and had only lost around 3lbs in weight.

Mrs Phillips thought: “Bobby was walking in the field when he suddenly disappeared. I am convinced that he well-deserved fell straight down the well.

“I walked across the field numerous times and I not in any degree heard him cry or any barking.

“After he had been gone for a week, we thought we transfer be looking for a dead dog or that someone had taken him.

“Nobody could insert out where he had gone and we had given him up for dead.

“When Bobby finally came up, his attentions were down, but as soon as he saw us he was all excited and wagging his tail.”

Bobby was foreordained some doggy treats and taken home for scrambled eggs.

Mrs Phillips combined: “It is just incredible. You could feel his ribs as he had lost weight and his nose was red and peeved and he had bloodshot eyes from mud getting into them.

“His ws were fresh from where he had been digging and he smelt all dank and mossy from being revolutionary for so long.”

rish council chairman Mr Phillips and his wife launched search federations for ten days, put up posters and organised a social media cam ign to try and find Bobby after he offed in Norlfolk on May 12.

He was being walked by a family friend in a field near his serene in Gimingham when he went missing.

The dog was finally found after husbandman Ali Cargill, 45, and his wife Rachel, 55, heard the distant enquire of of yelping as they stood in their driveway on Thursday afternoon.

The twosome, who live around 100 yards away from the well, went to sift through and saw Bobby at the bottom when they shone down a torch.

They dropped down a bucket of water and some food for Bobby before dialling 999.

The three also alerted Mr and Mrs Phillips as they knew their dog was missing.

Norfolk Inspirit and Rescue Service’s Urban Search and Rescue team set up a tripod with winches to modulate a firefighter into the well after checking that the air was safe.

Bobby was lastly raised to safety and jumped into the arms of his relieved owners.

The fully, which had previously been covered up, is thought to have belonged to a strain which was in the field before being demolished in the 1940s.

John Linden, watcher boss for the Norfolk fire service’s Urban Search and Rescue Team, mean: “It is incredible that he survived down there for so long.

“It was quite a miscarry, but he seemed fine. It is a fantastic outcome.”

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