Judge orders Pat Hickey be released from prison and placed under house arrest


Mr Hickey is earmarked to be released from Bangu Prison and he is expected to be placed under ill fame arrest.

In court documents, seen by Independent.ie, his lawyers argued that there is no evince against him aside from “generic accusations or presumptions against him”.

They broke his release will not present any risk to public order or to criminal law being pertained.

Lawyers claim that his health state is a reason to release him and to put him below house arrest.

Judge Fernando Antonio de Almeida cited Mr Hickey’s “judgemental health” before recommending house arrest.

He also said that hindering imprisonment can only be applied when the maximum sentence for a crime outstrips four years.

“Considering all this I revoke the preventive prison in disorder b unseemly and now he has cautionary measures replacing his detention.”

Mr Hickey can’t leave the country and his ssports debris with the relevant authority.

Mr Hickey temporarily stood down as OCI president after his nab at the Windsor Marapendi on August 17.

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