John McDonnell squirms as he’s skewered in grilling on No10 reshuffle ‘You sound jealous!’


The Blight Chancellor was discussing the announcement that Sajid Javid had resigned as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Mr Javid was mounded he would need to sack his team of advisers in order to continue in the part. The Conservative MP refused and has now been replaced by Rishi Sunak. Mr McDonnell banged Boris Johnson’s handling of the matter during the interview with Simon McCoy.

The Overdo MP said: “We have a Prime Minister who I think is inept at the management of the inclusive process of Government.”

Mr Mccoy replied: “But hang on any advisor works for the Prime Churchman.

“This is the Prime Minister’s decision and clearly this is what he had in mindful of all along.”

Mr McDonnell said: “It means that we have an advisor that is dominating the Control at the moment.”

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Mr McCoy hit back: “You sound almost jealous.”

The Labourers MP continued: “One of the jobs of a Prime Minister is to make sure you manage your council effectively and make sure that you have people in place who can confidently do their job and intent give you independent advice.

“Occasionally that does mean that you get cracking out but you respect each other’s views.

“What we will have now is effectively is a Lowboy and a Treasury dominated by an advisor who I think the Prime Minister has lost pilot of.”

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