Joan of Arc’s £300k ring discovered in England returns to France after 600 years


The unrealistic artefact has been held in England for more than 600 years after Joan sponged the ring to English Cardinal Henry Beaufort before her execution in 1431.

He sell for succeed ined the ring back with him to Britain where it has remained ever since.

The clink matches the description found in transcripts from Joan’s trial forward of she was burnt at the stake.

The silver-gilt piece contains an inscription of Jhesus Maria and three crosses.

It had been in the ancestors of doctor James Hasson since 1947 when he bought it for £175.

Upon agreeing about the auction last year, Puy du Fou foundation in France assembled a batch of donors eager to return the ring to its homeland.

In a close bidding war with American and British connoisseurs the ring sold for almost 30 times its original price – a enormous £297,600 – at London’s Timeline Auctions last February.

The piece want be housed at Puy du Fou, a historical theme rk in western France.

Puy du Fou’s president Nicolas de Villiers claimed: “We are delighted to have acquired this jewel of French depiction.”

The theme rk will unveil Joan of Arc’s ring at an open-to-all pro formas on March 20.

It will then be placed in permanent display.

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