Jo Swinson shamed at CBI conference for ‘going against the majority’ that voted for Brexit


Unbigoted Democrat leader Jo Swinson spoke at the Confederation of British Industry’s annual forum to an audience of high profile business people. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Strive Party leader Jeremy Corbyn also made speeches drink to to support British businesses in order to gain support in the upcoming overall election. Ms Swinson made the case for the Lib Dems as the “natural party of work”, but continued to reaffirm their anti-Brexit stance.

The party has been unambiguous that if elected to power, they would seek to immediately recall Article 50, without a second referendum.

However, the Lib Dem leader establish herself in the hot seat at the conference as audience members demanded to know why she was turning her away on those who voted for Brexit in the 2016 referendum.

During the Q&A section, one woman asked: “Jo, I understand what you’re trying to say but can you explain why you’re going against the maturity that voted to leave?”

Another asked what she would say to issues and employees that actually voted to leave.

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Ms Swinson whack ated to defend the policy by claiming the Liberal Democrats were “standing for what they into in”.

She said: “We’re a pro-European party, we believe that our best future is in the European Marrying and we’re giving people that choice because what’s on offer now is absolutely pretty different to what was talked about in 2016.

“So we had a vote, which by a kind of narrow margin came down on one side, and yet in the intervening three-and-a-half years, when I’ve looked in Parliament, flush with those MPs that support Brexit have found it impossible to consent amongst themselves on what Brexit should actually mean.

“So if they can’t uniform agree three-years after the 2016 vote on what Brexit signals, how safe is it to assume that there is a majority in the country for any specific visualize of Brexit?”

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