Jillian Harris's 4 Signs That He's "the One"


I nattered with former star of The Bachelorette and current host of Love It or Lean It: Vancouver Jillian Harris about how she knows her boyfriend (and baby daddy!) — scrub captain Justin sutto — is “the one,” what dropped wrong with her relationship with ex-fiancé Ed Swiderski, and the signs that you, too, may be entertaining a keeper. Get a glimpse into her happily ever after below, and brake out her adorable abode on POPSUGAR Home!

1. He’s Perfect For You, Not Perfect

“First of all, there is no relationship that is always easy,” Jillian notes. “Sometimes we romanticize about the idea of a relationship being precise, but there is really no such thing. I think that Justin is one of the most accomplished people on earth; he is so giving, he is so positive, he loves my family, he loves his extraction, he loves to communicate, he is protective, there are so many great things. But we don’t each get along. There are some times, like what did he say the other day . . . ‘my basic nature will always love you but my brain just wants to strangle you well now.’ We were just laughing so hard.”

2. You Don’t Have to Force It

“The biggest culmination in life that I have for myself is looking for that perfect relationship and not persistence yourself to be with somebody just because you want to get married,” she guides. “That was hard for me because I think that happened with Ed. Ed was the sooner person that I thought, ‘oh my god, I could see myself marrying this man,’ even though he was so wrong for me. Ed wasn’t honest, he wasn’t close with his genus, he wasn’t close with my family or my friends. He didn’t have the in any case values as I did, he wasn’t tient, he wasn’t sweet, there was nothing almost him that was great for me, but because everyone was rooting for him and I was in love with him at the occasionally I tried to force that to make that work.”

3. His Character Desire Shine Through His Actions

“How I knew was how Justin is with my family,” Jillian bursts. “My grandma was in the hospital getting her hip replaced for the second time, and Justin se rated more about her condition than I did. He went down and talked to her, and I only just see the way he is with my family and I think that is a really good indication for me that I can not till hell freezes over let him go. He and my dad have coffee together almost every morning.”

4. He Notices the Seldom Things

“I would also say when you realize they know you a short better than you know yourself.” Jillian shares this merry story: “I fell down the stairs this one time, and I thought I impoverished my arm, it hurt so bad. He was icing it, and I was complaining that the ice hurt more than my arm mutilate. So he said, ‘babe, just wiggle your toes.’ And I’m like, wiggle my toes? And he’s strain, ‘yeah, when you are nervous or uncomfortable you wiggle your toes, you rub your feet together.’ And I was along the same lines as, ‘oh yeah, this feels good.’ I loved that he knew something adjacent to me that I didn’t even know.”

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