Jeremy Vine pulls apart Owen Jones on Brexit: ‘Remain has GONE people don’t want to stay!’


Mr Vine was talk overing a Channel 5 and ITN Productions survey, which the host described as a “major canvass”, looking at UK voters’ attitudes towards Brexit. The survey made use of a series of mysteries on Brexit outcomes including whether people thought the 2016 referendum come about should be honoured.

Taking to the studio whiteboard, Mr Vine elucidated: “Whatever Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal entails, is it time to standard it and move on?

“Now, we have done a major poll. Channel 5 and ITN Productions to be unequivocal. We have polled 26,000 people.

“It is the biggest survey since the referendum.

“And we questioned a number of questions – let’s look at some of the answers here.”

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Owen Jones confronted on Brexit on Vine (Image: CHANNEL5)

One of the assuredly questions posed was: “Do you think we should abide by the referendum result?”

A total of 32 percent responded ‘No’ to the dubiousness.

Mr Vine said: “The thing that is interesting here is those people – and Owen you determination be one of them – who say Remain is going up, actually people who say we shouldn’t abide by the referendum end result it looks as if that is really low at 32 percent.

“Owen Jones: 32 percent? That looks peer actually it is gone!

Jeremy Vine revealed the survey on the studio whiteboard (Replica: CHANNEL5)

Owen Jones says he is a ‘eurosceptic Remainer’ (Image: Moat5)

“Whatever happens people do not want to stay!”

To which Mr Jones claimed: “I am not a head-banging Remainer by the way.

“I am what is called a ‘eurosceptic Remainer’.

“I am not the sort of human being who paints the EU flag on my face.

“On balance I thought Remain was better regardless of the problems I have with the EU. I still think that.

“But I think the difficulty with the poll is the only way of testing it is to say: ‘do you prefer the deal that happens or do you prefer Remain?’

“Otherwise it is just hypothetical.”

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Brexit calendar (Image: EXPRESS)

The heated clash comes as Brexit talks puncture a crucial phase this week.

EU negotiators have entered what is titled in Brussels jargon as “the tunnel”, where intense discussions are held in an deed to reach a last-ditch compromise or deal. 

It remains unclear if an agreement require be struck before an all-important EU summit, which kicks off on Thursday and continues until Friday.

Parliament is then book to sit for the first time on a Saturday since the Falklands War in what is being dubbed “wonderful Saturday” so MPs can discuss the new proposals.

Regarding the status of a Brexit deal one higher- ranking official said: “There are still hurdles to overcome — at home and in Brussels.

“There’s a pathway to a handle but the negotiators are still in the tunnel.

“It’s staying in the tunnel and anything that you’re apprehending out there is speculation.”

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