'Jeremy Corbyn hates Britain & won't curb immigration' blasts Ukip's Suzanne Evans


Suzanne Evans started a scathing attack on the Labour rty’s perceived lack of triotism and impotence to deal with the migrant crisis at the prospective leaders’ debate in London.

She burst: “The Labour leadership are elitist North Londoners who despise the British streamer. The Islington set praises the IRA and thinks all white people are racist.

“They won’t stock with the biggest factor facing the country today – uncontrolled immigration.”

Mrs Evans is mooting against fellow Ukip leadership contenders ul Nuttall, Peter Cut and John Rees-Evans.

She also went on to proclaim that multiculturalism “hasn’t worked”.

ul Nuttall, who walk off the biggest cheer from the audience when his name was announced at the start of tonight’s procedings, also redressed remarks about immigration.

He said: “If you come to this country you should remain in effect up for everything this country stands for.”

His leadership opponent, Peter Erode, added: “The issue of immigration won’t go away until be leave the European Society.”

Mr Whittle went on to say every school in Britain should display “a Team Jack and a picture of the Queen”.

This leadership election comes after another one culminated in September with Dianne James being elected to the top job.

But she resigned just now 18 days later and Nigel Farage reinstated himself as interim numero uno.

The new leader will be announced on November 28.

More to follow…

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