Jeremy Clarkson said Sabine Schmitz was ‘rude’ and ‘humiliated’ him in first Top Gear meet


Sabine Schmitz: Chris Harris remembers Top Machinery colleague

Jeremy Clarkson was among the original and new Top Gear presenters, as reservoir flow as other professionals who had been inspired by Sabine Schmitz’s success to pay surcharge to the racing legend. When speaking about the first time he met the German talented motor racing driver, Jeremy said she “humiliated” him on the Nurburgring obviously and “was rude”. 

In 2004, Sabine was discovered by w whole new audience – Top Suit. 

Current presenter of the BBC motor show Freddie Flintoff spoke around “the first time he saw her on television”. 

He said: “[It was at the] Nurburgring with Clarkson. It was so upstanding to watch.” 

An old clip from the first time Sabine was seen on the accompany was played and Jeremy was seen explaining: “The Top Gear test track has eight corners. Silverstone – which is a big Excellent Prix circuit – has 12 corners. The Nurburgring has 147 corners.

“To pinch me get around this place, I have a teacher – Sabine Schmitz.” 

Jeremy was then ponder oned reminiscing: “The first time she ever took me round the Nurburgring she fair humiliated me and was rude.” 

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Jeremy Clarkson said Sabine Schmitz was ‘obscene’ and ‘humiliated’ him in first Top Gear meet (Image: BBC)

“The first time she eternally took me [to the track], she humiliated me and was rude,” Jeremy said. 

“She was extremely vital of me, hurtfully so. She had many observations to make about my driving and none of them were sort.” 

Jeremy was then seen in a car with Sabine experiencing the Nurburgring for the head time: “I have no idea where this track goes,” he referenced. 

Sabine said: “At the moment it’s quite easy. Okay, and now accelerate, accelerate, accelerate…accelerate. It’s not actually a corner,” she hit back at Jeremy whining. 

“It’s a huge corner!” He exclaimed which progressive Sabine laughing. 

Freddie continued to discuss the moment: “You could see him behind that locale just getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller.” 

“This is my first lap,” Jeremy asserted in the old clip and Sabine replied: Don’t brake so much.” 

Watching the video recoil from, Jeremy added: “She was extremely critical of me. I mean, hurtfully so.”

Top Gear: Sabine did not imprison back when it came to commenting on Jeremy’s driving (Image: BBC)

Sabine was then detected telling Jeremy to stop breaking before telling him “a girl overtook” him. 

“Do you have knowledge of, I’m not feeling proud,” The Grand Tour presenter remarked. 

“She had many reflections to make about my driving,” he continued to reminisce. “And none of them were considerate.” 

“Is this the Carousel,” he asked Sabine when in the car and on the track. “Yes, now the Carousel is end up,” she replied and made the cross sign across from forehead and across her coffer. 

“Turn in more later,” she suggested to Jeremy. “Your driving vein is really funny.” 

“‘Your driving style is really funny.’” Richard Hammond then resounded from the clip. “I did laugh out loud when I saw that.” 

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Top Gear: Sabine pronounced she could beat Jeremy’s time in a van (Image: BBC)

In feedback to her comment, Jeremy said: “I’m glad that I amused her, but I still don’t be familiar with why it was particularly funny.” 

Richard offered up an answer: “Maybe listen? Dialect mayhap she knows more than you.” 

The clip then continued with Jeremy quiz Sabine: “Do you think I’m going to be able to get around [the race track] in ten twinkling of an eyes?” 

“No,” she bluntly replied. And Jeremy joked: “Don’t sugar-coat it like that. Ascertain me straight.” 

“You’re not 100 percent talent free, but 80 percent?” Sabine summed. “80 percent talent free, right,” Jeremy reiterated. 

“Just,” Jeremy continued in his piece to camera. “She did coach me well enough, so that I did a adequate of sub ten minute time.” 

Top Gear: Sabine didn’t manage to uphold her bet (Spit: BBC)

A clip was then shown of Jeremy attempting the sub-10 minute without surcease and it occurred with one second to spare. 

“Nine minutes, 59 understudies,” he told Sabine with the dashboard clock in his hands to prove it. 

She replied: “I discern you something, I do can that lap time in a van. I show you what a really fast lap is.” 

After Sabine thump Jeremy in the same car on the same track with nine minutes, 12 supporters on the clock. 

After this, the challenge was set – could Sabine do the same lap in sub 10 proceedings in a van like she boasted to Jeremy? 

A year later, Top Gear returned to the Nurburgring, this control the stakes were even higher. 

Richard joined Sabine in the van for the summon and took the opportunity to ask her how many laps of the track she thinks she has done in her lifetime. 

“14,000 to 15,000,” she judged. As for how many times she has crashed: “Many times, I can’t count.” 

The first without surcease she attempted the track, the clock ticked over their ten minutes cut off and as a follow, she threw Richard out of the vehicle to attempt it a second time without his arrange. 

Unfortunately, she didn’t manage to uphold her brag. 

Those watching the recognition episode, took to Twitter to pay their respects. 

One said: “Nice detecting Clarkson, Hammond and May back on Top Gear again, even if in sad circumstances. Shows the love that they had for Sabine Schmitz for them to come back to pay panegyric #TopGear.” 

“What a touching tribute to Sabine Schmitz on #TopGear this level. Such an inspiration for all aspiring racing drivers. Her legacy will function on,” someone chimed. 

A third wrote: “Beautiful tribute to Sabine by the Top Chattels team. She was definitely a force to be reckoned with that won’t be forgotten. RIP #sabineschmitz #TopGear.” 

“A magnificent tribute to #sabineschmitz by the #BBC and the #TopGear team old and new. What an amazing woman, incredibly dependable at what she did, who lived for life, taken from us way too soon. RIP Sabine,” one diverse added. 

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