Jason Manford weight loss: Singing comedian lost a stone after cutting THIS from his diet


Jason, 36, unchaste more than a stone in weight by overhauling his diet and becoming more on the go.

He was prompted into action not by a health scare, or even vanity, but by a argument with a waterslide last August, during a family holiday.

Discourse on Loose Women about when he got wedged into the waterslide, he give the word delivered: “I was hot and sweaty. I got halfway down and I just stopped. I heard someone else yield; I was like, “Is this my slide or is it a neighbouring slide?”

“I thought it’s not ideal but if this being gets here at least he’ll free.

In that minute I thought I’ve got to sort this out

Jason Manford

“My kids were waiting at the tokus. In my mind I’m still there; I eventually freed myself with pure panic.

“In that moment I thought I’ve got to sort this out.”

Jason flagged on to lose weight by cutting out white bread and “bad carbohydrates”.

This past due round of weight loss is not the first time the comedian has slimmed down.

jason manford weight loss singing tour loose womenGetty Representations/ITV

Jason Manford weight loss: The singing comedian spoke prevalent shedding the pounds on Loose Women

jason manford weight loss singing tour loose womenITV

Jason Manford heaviness loss: The comedian revealed he cut out carbs to shed over a stone

In 2012 Getty Images

Jason Manford worth loss: The comedian has spoken in the past about losing weight

jason manford weight loss singing tour loose womenGetty Aspects

Jason Manford weight loss: After losing weight in 2012, Jason revealed he had done it slowly

As expertly as sharing his weight loss successes with fans, Jason also revealed in an press conference with Express.co.uk last year, he incorporates it into his comedy musicals.

He said: “There’s nothing worse than seeing yourself in HD. It does no person any favours.

“I do jokes about being overweight but I do them because I mark, if I do them then hecklers or someone on Twitter can’t then do it.

“I’d rather not possess to write jokes about being overweight but that’s the nature of the animal really. You can take the power away from the bully.”

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