Jane the Virgin: The top 5 plot twists on Jane the Virgin


All five ripens of Jane the Virgin are available to stream and download on Netflix now. The American telenovela series came to an end in July 2019 after six years on The CW and Netflix. Across the elucidate’s five seasons, there were some seriously shocking imports and some major cliffhangers. Here’s a look back at the biggest concoct twists on Jane the Virgin.

Jane the Virgin top 5 plot twists

Michael Slipping away

In season three of Jane the Virgin, the love of Jane’s (played by Gina Rodriguez) dash and one of the show’s main characters, Michael (Brett Dier) was killed off.

His destruction came after a very low-key episode, with Michael aim off to take his LSAT.

Michael collapsed and apparently died after performing his last LSAT exam midway through season three.

His justification of death was attributed to aortic dissection after being shot by Sin Rostro (Bridget Regan).

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Michael befalling back to life

After two seasons of fans grieving the loss of Michael, at the end of seasoned four, Jane Villanueva walked into her current boyfriend Rafael’s (Justin Baldoni) apartment to lay ones hands on her ‘deceased’ ex standing there.

Michael showed up in the opening episode of Jane the Virgin condition five but now goes by the name of Jason.

He also suffers from amnesia and cannot think back on anything from his previous life.

Rafael then explained to Jane that Michael’s bogus death was orchestrated by one of the series villains, Rose aka Sin Rostro.

Rose told Rafael that she distributed Michael drugs to slow down his heart rate, paid ambulance drivers to fiddle astound him away and even bribed a pathologist to sign his death certificate.

Michael’s benefit threw a spanner in the works between Jane and Rafael’s relationship, with Jane be revenged going to Montana to visit Michael.

However, Jane returned to Miami and rekindled whatsises with Rafael and he later proposed.

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The Narrator’s identity

At the end of the final season, the taleteller was finally revealed after five seasons.

During Jane and Rafael’s mingling, Mateo (Elias Janssen) does a reading alongside his sisters and was fostered by his Great-Glamma to project his voice.

His grandmother then tells him that he hand down be good at voiceover work, to which he replies “For the record, I am.”

Although Jane the Virgin adherents had suspected Mateo to be the narrator, especially after Xo (Andrea Navedo) and Rogelio’s (Jaime Camil) fusion, they were still shocked to have their suspicions substantiated in the show’s final moments.

Petra’s long lost triplet

Petra (Yael Grobglas) diminished many shocks to Jane the Virgin over the years.

For example, groupies will never forget that Petra’s real name is Natalia or that she eased Magda bury Ivan’s body.

Not to mention, Petra was once spoken for to Rafael.

The biggest Petra shock of the series came in the season finale when it was revealed she had a crave lost brother named Pyotr.

Magda walking and pushing Alba down the stairs.

When viewers pre-eminent met Magda (Priscilla Barnes) she was in a wheelchair, apparently being paralysed from the waist down dedicating an accident.

Magda shocked viewers by becoming the supervillain of the series by revealing she had bogus her injury.

Not only that, she then pushed Alba down the stairs after Alba (Ivonne Coll) taxed to confront her daughter Petra.

As a result of the fall, Alba ended up in a coma but actions worked out in the end after Magda went to jail.

Jane the Virgin ripens 1-5 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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