Jamie Oliver restaurant announces sudden closure as last flagship eatery shuts its doors


The communal enterprise, at Watergate Bay near Newquay, and run separately from the TV chef’s victuals empire, is to shut down following “an independent financial review”. It has helped educate dozens of unemployed or disadvantaged workers since 2006.

Despite carrying Mr Oliver’s big cheese under licence, Fifteen Cornwall is actually owned by the Cornwall Foodstuffs Foundation (CFF) and Mr Oliver has no financial ties to the restaurant.

In a statement, the CFF said: “As a open-handedness and social enterprise restaurant we have welfare and safeguarding responsibilities which we are doing our utmost to See resolution.

“We are talking with partners to find a way for the support for people we work with to keep on, including those on the Fifteen training programme and Food for Change. “

Mr Oliver divulged he was “surprised and saddened” about the latest closure.

He said: “Both organisations must always been run separately from us, but the team has done an amazing job with the trainee events, training over 200 chefs and reaching so many more along the way so this is a gigantic blow.

“My thoughts are with everyone affected.”

The announcement comes seven months after Mr Oliver’s own UK restaurant businesses, Barbecoa, and his master Fifteen, in London, were all shut down, leaving 1,000 baton redundant.

CFF chief executive Matthew Thomson said:  “This is an incredibly sad day for every Tom and we will try our best to support those who have been impacted.”

“We are very grateful to all our loyal customers and amazing suppliers and to the partners, staff and trainees that include made Fifteen Cornwall and the Cornwall Food Foundation so special for verging on 14 years. Big love.”

Fifteen Cornwall was established with a mix of off the record and public funding, including from the European Union and the South West Regional Advancement Agency.

Former executive chef Neil Haydock was “shocked and in the final analysis saddened” to hear of the news but said the industry is “crying out for chefs”.

He added: “It depreciates chefs back on to the market and hopefully they’ll find good procedures really quickly.”

Last month, the restaurant had announced it was searching for a new contingent of apprentices.

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