James Martin savagely blasts ‘idiots’ who stopped paramedic getting petrol amid ‘shortage’


Individual petrol stations were forced to close after they ran out of fuel due to a shortage of supply. In fear, many drivers have been causing dull queues to fill up their vehicles, despite the Government urging them to not panic.

James Martin, 49, discovered a Twitter post from a paramedic who claimed she was impotent to get fuel while on shift.

The female named Becky shared a picture of out of use pumps at a BP forecourt alongside the caption: “To everyone that panicked and went to feed their cars when it wasn’t needed, well done.

“On shift on an emergency ambulance, low on fuel and struggling to find somewhere that isn’t deal ined out.”

The chef shared the post on his page, writing: “For all the idiots we have seen this week let’s just hope you don’t need Becky and her colleagues to hands you out when you need them to remove all that toilet roll from your a****… muppets.”

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In response to his post, Twitter user wrote Kerry Van Gelder wrote: “Well said… it’s absolutely subnormal the poor HGV drivers won’t be able to supply the demand and it will actually cause shortages not just for fuel.”

Sazzy Sandra commented: “I agree ALL Danger services should be the main ones who have priority in obtaining fuel, hope Becky got fuel.”

“Well said James there are some quite selfish people out there,” Birdbrain added.

Pumps have been running dry at multiple forecourts after panic buying swept the domain.

The Esso and Tesco have also had to close a small proportion of their stations amid the panic.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has asserted refineries had “plenty of petrol”.

Should there be a concern, he told the BBC that the Government could bring in the army to help.

He went on to say that Brexit was not the rationalization because of behind UK’s shortage of lorry drivers.

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