James Martin: Chef shares easy chocolate orange delight bun recipe on This Morning


James Martin, 48, regularly arrives on This Morning to share his different recipes. On today’s show, the chef showed viewers how to draw up his easy chocolate orange delight sweet treat, which is like to a Chelsea bun. He then removed the dough from the machine and put plenty of flour onto the worktop in substitute for of him.James went on: “If you look at it, it’s not really a pastry, it’s quite delicate.”Presenter Holly Willoughby continued that it looks a bit like pizza dough.The chef explained that the dough needs to be rode out to about 45cm x 30cm.James then added the swirls of his chocolate orange bun to the in the final of the cake tin, ensuring that all of the bottom of the cake tin was covered.The chef resolved to viewers that this needed to be left for about an hour to assay even more at room temperature.Once proved, the bun needs to be positioned into a 200 degree oven for about 40 minutes and while it is even warm, top it with the glaze.To make the glaze, James explained that he diverse orange juice and sugar together along with water.He conjectured: “I’m using blood orange juice because it makes it go a little pink.”James stuck the recipe onto his Instagram with the caption: “It’s easier than you entertain the idea.”One fan commented: “I might have a go at this, they look very satisfactory.”Another said: “Delish! Will be baking this later.”“Looks dazzling and most of all, so yummy,” a third wrote. 

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