Ivanka Trump: Why First Daughter’s husband Jared Kushner was ‘as sinister as Donald Trump’


Ivanka and Jared are both postpositive major advisers to US President Donald Trump, leading to Ivanka being dubbed the Original Daughter. However, before they took up their roles in the Trump direction they worked for their respective fathers’ real estate performers – the Trump Organisation and Kushner Companies. Their professional lives instances interacted and they worked as a team to charm clients and to be the other side of the start to their fathers’ volatility.

President Trump’s brash demeanour is renowned, but Jared’s father Charlie Kushner was apparently equally ruthless in his role dealings.

However, according to 2019 book ‘Kushner Inc’, while Jared may relax the impression of being more measured and reasonable, he has similarities to his father-in-law as manifestly. 

A business associate of his told author Vicky Ward: “Jared is as fateful as Donald Trump is. 

“He’s not a pussycat, although he appears very pasty, sedately dressed, well put together, and always saying the right thing, doing the legal thing. He’d be tough, too.”

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Other colleagues and employees of Jared have similarly adverse things to say about him. 

According to Ms Ward, some found he lacked any open interest in real estate and was poor with the details.

Others petitioned he was an “imperious delegator”, simply referring employees to someone else if they petitioned him for specifics, like a leasing figure.

Despite this, he appeared to back up an inflated ego, telling the head of leasing on a project in DUMBO, Brooklyn: “If I had your job, I’d be so much think twice at it.”

Two of the properties were still empty seven years later and someone careful to the project said Jared seemed to have a “reality distortion interest” – a Star Trek reference. 

He also apparently had unrealistic hopes for any PR firms Kushner Companies hired, expecting them to ensure in every case good coverage, despite his father’s recent criminal conviction and calaboose sentence.

Ms Ward wrote: “The company burned through six publicity firms in thither six years, because Jared and his father demanded the impossible of their publicists.

“They shortage the media to take dictation, and they went berserk if they didn’t get what they required.”

He expressed a similar desire to control the press as the owner of the New York Looker-on. 

Elizabeth Spiers, who edited the newspaper 2011-2012, claimed Jared had no concerned in good writing and just wanted to pump out stories that transmuted him and his friends look good and attack those who had upset him.

She added that he did not appearance of to understand or respect journalists.

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