Ivanka Trump takes centre stage as she sits next to Angela Merkel for White House meeting


The President’s daughter put in an appearance ated a roundtable discussion at the White House, where Donald Trump met German and US work leaders, including the CEOs of IBM and Salesforce.

The First Daughter sat next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and was joined by her economize on Jared Kushner.

The 35-year-old’s attendance has once again raised eyebrows, with tons question her role in the Trump administration.

As one of the most visible women associated with the Trump management, Ivanka has on occasion been described as a potential ‘moral compass’ reigning in the numberless extreme of policies.

The emerging dominance of Ivanka Trump and her husband was apparent even before the administration was formed.

Within days of the election, the duo sat alongside the newly elected President as he met Japanese Prime Support Shinzo Abe.

In recent weeks, President Trump was joined by his daughter at a approach meeting with business executives in Washington.

She also accompanied him on a trick to Delaware’s Dover Air Force Base for the repatriation of a US Navy Seal silenced in Yemen.

Ivanka also hosted a number of CEOs at her home to talk programme, in yet another unofficial engagement.

Most recently, she attended a roundtable colloquy organised by the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, where her focus was female commerce owners.

While Ivanka has tried to play down speculation that she when one pleases serve as a stand-in First Lady, the rumours have only been increased by Melania Trump’s decision to remain in New York.

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