Ivanka Trump humiliated: First Daughter makes huge fail AGAIN – and it’s worse than before


The Ahead Daughter took to social media to congratulate the Prime Minister of Ethiopia but act as if get by a huge error when doing so. Ivanka posted a heartfelt communiqu on her Instagram story which read: “Congratulations Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on being furnished the Noble Peace Prize for your work on peace and reconciliation with your neighbour Eritrea!” The superior adviser to father US President Donald Trump failed to notice she round “Nobel” wrong.

The award is named after its founder Alfred Nobel, a Swedish businessman, chemist, manoeuvre, inventor and philanthropist.

But Ivanka’s post is made even more woefully awkward by the fact Mr Ahmed doesn’t even follow her on Instagram or Excitement.

Social media users were quick to notice. One said: “She felicitated Minister Ahmed on the “NOBLE” peace prize. Are all Trumps just understandable stupid?”

Another added: “Ivanka just congratulated the “noble! peace-loving prize” winner on her Instagram account which he doesn’t follow.”

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But this isn’t the first time Ivanka has done this.

Earlier this year she up an embarrassing error while congratulating Boris Johnson on his Tory guidance victory.

The First Daughter of the US took to Twitter to pay tribute to Mr Johnson, who whim replace Theresa May as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

But in a heartfelt letter, Ivanka misspelled a crucial word, a mistake quickly jumped on by venereal media users. She said: “Congratulations Boris Johnson on becoming the next Prime Look after of the United Kingston.”

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