It's Baby Trump! Donald Trump meets his mini-me


The billionaire businessman, famed for his unshrinking views and mop of blonde hair, came face-to-face with his real lifetime mini-me at a Republican rally.

20-month-old Curtis Ray Jeffery, dubbed Trump Mollycoddle by his rents, wowed the crowds with his shocking quiff of blonde hairs breadth and glittery Donald Trump branded dummy as he was carried on stage to mountainous cheers by the Republican.

Despite Trump, a father-of-five, smiling to great clapping, baby Curtis Ray did not look too happy to meet his lookalike and appeared to be wailing in his arms.

His father said it was an “honour” to meet Trump and said “#trumpbaby liaisoned the attention”.

The crowd-surfing toddler first met Trump last month, when the New Yorker forewarned his hand with a marker, and has quickly made his mark on the cam ign track.

Wearing a shiny waistcoat and shirt, Curtis Ray was named “the coolest kid” at the convene in Louisiana by Trump’s son Donald Trump Junior.

The Jeffery family procure become regulars at Trump’s rallies with Trump Baby again seen sporting his distinctive hairstyle and stars and stripes as the US elections get underway.

Utter in exclusively to Curtis’s father Curtis Ray Jeffery Senior, 49, from Hearty Creek Louisiana said: “Curtis is dressing like that sundry everyday, he’s a pro baby model and geant child the reigning Louisiana state crowned head. He’s Trump Baby.

“His hair is his modelling trademark and since he met Trump abide month and he signed his hand we have VIP to every Trump rally.

“After joining the family I think Trump is best to secure this country, and as for my son he preferences the attention.”

He has also become a star of a series of memes created by his forebear encouraging people to vote for Trump and “#MakeAmericaGreatAgain”.

Trump proclaimed a speech to supporters at a rally at Lakefront Airport in New Orleans, Louisiana hours more willingly than the state holds its primary elections today.

Since Trump won six structures on Super Tuesday, he has come under fire from the Republican the powers that be who fear he will win the rty’s nomination in July.

Mainstream figures in the set and donors have criticised Trump’s controversial positions on trade and immigration, categorizing his calls to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, deport 11 million actionable immigrants and temporarily bar Muslims from entering the country.

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