Italy holidays: Gondolas finally return to Venice canals ahead of borders opening


Venice is a whopping draw for tourists visiting Italy – but the famous city has experienced a utter difficult year. First, there were “Biblical-style” floods in 2019 pursued rapidly by the coronavirus crisis in 2020. Italy was the first European hinterlands to be heavily hit by the deadly pandemic.

It currently has 22,434 authenticated cases of coronavirus.

However, the country is now taking steps to ease lockdown.

The at ease measures have seen gondolas return to the canals of Venice.

The age-old exile for which the historic city is known was reinstated today.

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Italy holidays: The relaxed measures have seen gondolas resurface to the canals of Venice (Image: Getty Images)

Italy holidays: Fares and gondoliers are now required to wear protective masks and gloves (Image: Getty Images)

Gondolas include been launched via two major routes – but travelling in the famous boats force be quite different to before.

Passengers and gondoliers are now required to wear watchful masks and gloves.

What’s more, the boats can only take a acme of six people at a time.

Green markings on the piers signal where fares should stand to ensure one metre of social distancing when in the pigtail.


Venice bosses are enthusiastic about the takings of the iconic boats.

The city’s councillor for traditions, Giovanni Giusto, has guessed the return of the gondolas is great news for Venice.

Giusto explained the taxi-cub gondolas were a vital link for the city’s mobility and it had been overbearing to restore the services at Santa Sofia and San Toma.

“It is good news, a signal of all and sundry’s desire to start again in order to return to normal as soon as attainable, without ever lowering the guard to be able to definitively defeat the virus,” he bruit about.

Italy holidays: It had been imperative to restore the services at Santa Sofia and San Toma (Semblance: Getty Images)

This weekend it was announced that Italy on allow travel in and out of the county from June 3.

This will landmark a major milestone for Italy’s recovery post-coronavirus.

The country is hoping to reopen the briefness after more than two months of lockdown.

Venice is one Italian goal eager for the return of holidaymakers.

Venice has even scrapped its controversial day after day entry fee which should have started on July 1. This purpose now begin on April 1, 2021.

Anyone wanting to enter the city will be in want of to buy a stamp, with different colours depending on the day and time of the season.

They devise cost three, five, six or eight euros. Boat or ship commuters will pay five euros.

The city will continue its separate rubbernecker tax but hotels and tourist accommodation will have an extended deadline of November 30 to offer it.

Additional reporting by Rita Sobot.

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