‘It wasn’t me!’ Awkward moment Antiques Road Trip expert Charles Hanson BREAKS vase


The professional was in a quaint shop in the Scottish Highlands when a ir of vases fathomed his eye because of their origins in Derby.

“In this cabinet are a lovely duo of vases,” he cooed. “They were made in Derby and the mark on the rump confirms it.

“I knew from this gorgeous, rich lette – look at those come outs! inted circa 1810.”

However, whilst pointing out a small handle on the side, it submit c be communicated right off in his hands, leaving him momentarily speechless.

He called the shop holder in order to break the news and quipped: “It wasn’t me! I was just handling the vase!”

Luckily, the man didn’t appear to mind, reassuring him: “Don’t you worry about that.”

Joking on Twitter, one being wrote: “Oops. Rodney you plonker! #AntiquesRoadTrip.”

Another said: “I faith he doesn’t come unstuck at the auction.”

Charles has been up against James Braxton as they initiate a new trip, travelling across the Highlands before attempting to sell their locates at auction in Aberdeen.

He made another gaffe later in the episode when winning control of a boat; declaring it to be “the Antiques Boat Trip”.

“Can I just say, there is a briskness limit,” he was told, and promptly apologised.

Antiques Road Trip displays weekdays at 4:30pm on BBC One.

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