Istanbul explosion: Turkey arrests three Russians suspected of ISIS links in wake of suicide bomb


Turkish supervise detained three Russian nationals suspected of links with ISIS reinforcing a suicide bomb attack in Istanbul that killed 10 visitors, it has been reported.

Police in the Mediterranean city of Antalya also seized pers and CDs during a search of the premises where the suspects were staying, Dogan Statement Agency said.

It was not immediately clear when the detentions occurred.

Russia’s Consulate Unspecialized in Antalya confirmed that three Russians had been detained more than suspected connection to the Islamic State, state news agency RIA report in investigated.

Tensions between Russia and Turkey have been high after Ankara administer down a Russian fighter jet close to the Turkey-Syria border in November. One of the steers died in the incident.

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Probe: A constabulary forensic expert works on the scene of the explosion in central Istanbul, Turkey

Since then Russia has levied sanctions on Turkey and accused it of supporting Islamic State.

Turkey assertions the fighter bomber was in its airs ce and repeatedly ignored warnings. Russia has brooked in the st it has flown into Turkish airs ce but denies it on this elicit.

The suicide bomber who detonated a bomb killing at least 10 strangers in Turkey yesterday was not on the country’s militant watch list.

The terrorist, accepted to be 28-year-old Nabil Fadli, is reported to have walked up to a group of sightseers visiting the world famous Blue Mosque and blown himself up.

Tightness: Russia and Turkey are at loggerheads over the downing of a jet

According to reports nine Germans and one Peruvian man were ruined while at least 15 others were injured, including a man from Norway.

The Saudi-born attacker who was also a Syrian city-dweller targeted his victims in the historic Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul at 10.20am close by time this morning.

He was later identified from body hint ats and it was confirmed he was born in 1988 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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