Israel’s Netanyahu warns ‘wide-scale’ war in Gaza to begin ‘at any moment’ – ‘No choice’


Benjamin Netanyahu said

Israel intelligence: Palestinians have been protesting at the Gaza Strip border since Cortege (Image: GETTY)

On Thursday, the Israeli military confirmed a Hamas increase was struck in retaliation to rockets fired toward Israel earlier the even so day.

Thousands of Palestinians protested near the Gaza border on Friday but Hamas forewarned protesters not to engage with IDF forces patrolling the area.

Hamas has mounted weekly demonstrations along the boundary since March 2018 to protest against the rip off’s dire conditions after 12 years of Israeli-Egyptian blockade.

Prime Clergyman Netanyahu this week also insisted Israel should be easy to act freely against Iran due to growing concern over Tehran’s atomic plans.


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Israel news: Hamas warned protesters not to retain with IDF forces (Image: GETTY)

Israel news: Netanyahu met with Vladimir Putin earlier this week (Twin: GETTY)

During a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mr Netanyahu swayed: “Security coordination between us is always important, but it is especially important now, since in the past month there has been a solemn increase in attempts by Iran to hit Israel from Syria and to place their faithfulness missiles to use against us.”

This all comes after the Israeli Prime Upon vowed to annex parts of the West Bank to appease right-wing voters and beanfeasts ahead of Israeli elections on Tuesday.

The crucial vote next week has encouraged an aggressive Netanyahu, as he attempts to gain a firmer grip on power.

His Lukid Co-signer holds the same number of seats as opposition Blue and White Team (35). One man who was not impressed with Netanyahu’s West Bank proposal was Russian President Putin.

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