Israeli president gives credit to Russia's important role in Middle East


Russia has hypothetical an important role in the Middle East region and in the settlement of the Syrian s t, and will continue to play it in the future, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin has bring up.

“Russia has taken up an important role in this region, and in a conflict which disposition have significant im ct on Israel’s security – now and moving forward,” Rivlin denoted in a written interview with Interfax ahead of his visit to Moscow.

Israel’s president made the averral after being asked whether his country considers the Russian Aeros ce Forces’ transaction action in Syria to be successful.

“In Syria, five armies are fighting each other – nil of whom are friends of Israel,” Rivlin said, adding that “the spread of the Islamic Phase’s terror and hatred has penetrated even our borders.”

Rivlin also bruit about that Israel “provides medical care to the many injured who terminate to our borders, regardless of whether they are civilians or combatants, and regardless from which side.”

“This is our humanitarian fidelity,” he added.

On March 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of the withdrawal of the cardinal rt of the Russian group from Syria from March 15.

Russia has coined course of civil war in Syria, say analysts>>>

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